Need a quotation (RFQ)?

Many Mediscan customers inquire as to a written product quotation to submit for budget approval when shopping for new equipment. We are happy to offer FREE quotations on any of our products within 24 hours. All Mediscan price quotes are given top priority and are generally delivered the SAME DAY as request is received.

Simply submit a RFQ (request for quotation) or contact us via support ticket with your specific needs and we'll do the rest. For the fastest results, please have the following information ready:

  1. Product and/or Model Name? example. MEDISCAN

  2. Quantity Needed? example. 6

  3. Delivery Deadline (if any) ? example. July 10, 2014

  4. Target Budget (if any) ? example. $3500.00 USD

  5. Purchasing Contact Details (name, phone, fax, email) ?

  6. Shipping Address (including zip code for freight quote) ?

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