International Shipping?

Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: Yes, we can arrange freight worldwide. For a free, no obligation quotation including applicable freight to your country, simply provide the following details:

- Product name or model number?

- Related accessories needed, if any?

- Specific quantities? How many do you need?

- Delivery date, if any?

- Shipping & Contact information? Including: EXACT shipping address, contact name, phone, fax and e-mail address.

Since freight is based on crated weight, insured value and priority of delivery (sea or air)...we need to be as SPECIFIC as possible to ensure you get very best rates available. Thank you in advance for your attention to detail.

An EXAMPLE of an international freight request is as follows:
- Product: MEDISCAN medical loss prevention scanner

- Quantity: Three (3) units

- Delivery Date: July 10th, 2018

- Contact Details:

   Sample London Medical Center
   210 Piccadilly
   London W1J 9HF
   United Kingdom

   Phone: 2079-***-***
   Fax: 2079-***-***

    email: buyer @

    Buyer: Ms. Jane Doe


That's it! It's just that easy. A quotation including freight will be returned to you with 48 hours.

Please Note: This was an example using our MEDISCAN medical loss prevention scanner which is used primarily by hospitals and medical centers to reduce losses experienced in operating room clean ups and accidentally discarded surgical implements in laundry and trash. While this SECURITY product is widely exportable, other products such as NIGHT VISION OPTICS carry very strict export restrictions and can NOT be freely exported outside the USA.  Please contact us with your product requirements and location so we can best determine our export options based on your needs and current export restrictions. If we are unable to assist you directly, we may have a local contact in your part of the world that can help.

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