Set-up assistance?

A common question following purchase of new Mediscan loss prevention metal detection equipment is, "who will set-up up our new equipment for us?" The least expensive answer is, "you will." While it is possible, in most cases, to have local team come to you to unpack and set-up your new equipment for you; it also requires an additional service fee which is NOT INCLUDED in the base equipment price.

The good news is that our Mediscan loss prevention equipment is extremely user friendly. A few of your own personnel can usually unpack and plug in the equipment without wasting extra money for on-site set-up. In fact, other than our WTMD's (walk through metal detectors), there is virtually NO ASSEMBLY required unless you are installing an optional wheel kit for easy mobility. In any case the owners manual/operating instructions are included with every purchase and will always outline proper unpacking and assembly guidelines, if any.

For your convenience, additional owners manuals / operating instructions are available at anytime for our customers if you should require spare copies.

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