Metal detector placement?

A very popular topic following purchase is "where should we set-up our new Mediscan metal detector?" Besides fitting in with your surroundings and being easily accessible to security personnel, there is also another very important placement issue to consider regardless of metal detection model ( Mediscan medical loss prevention scanner).

To avoid potential false alarms with your new Mediscan equipment, it's a good idea to position your new metal detector at least three (3) feet away from heavy metal objects in the room. This includes common items such as filing cabinets, metal tables and other office furniture as well as the not so obvious concrete walls. Although the exterior of the walls may appear to be harmless concrete, many forget that most walls of this type are internally reinforced with METAL "rebar" during construction. Even though you don't see it, it could very well be hiding within your walls ready to provide you with hours of fun in FALSE ALARMS and recalibration with your new metal detection equipment.

A simple rule of thumb to possibly correct existing faults and or prevent potential future FALSE ALARMS is to maintain a minimum three (3) foot gap between your metal detection equipment and the heavy metal objects in the room in which they reside. With this safe distance scenario, the odds are in your favor when your metal detection unit alerts, it's most likely for legitimate contraband and NOT a false alarm caused by outside interference.

Please keep in mind this is NOT a universal fix-it to all metal detection performance issues. It is merely a simple and common self-help solution to try before attempting to reset or recalibrate  your system in house or paying for outside technical support. Regardless of the make and model of your security equipment, we recommend following the instructions provided in the owners manual or by contacting the manufacturer directly for assistance.

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