Mediscan sensitivty?

How sensitive is the Mediscan loss prevention scanner?

The Mediscan offers fast and efficient detection. Losses are prevented by simply dropping bio-hazard trash bags through the Mediscan sensor. Surgical suite laundry is scanned the same way. The screening procedure is fast and easy. The Mediscan alarms when a surgical instrument or tool passes through it. A variable sensitivity adjustment and advanced high discrimination microprocessor controlled electronics enable managing to specify the size and type of objects that must be detected.

For example, the most commonly used Mediscan discriminate mode detects stainless steel or ferrous objects only. This allows objects such ads bulldog clips to be targeted while ignoring other metals objects such as aluminum sharps pouches and copper electrode wires, etc. A second control option permits all types of metal to be detected. This operating mode is useful when inspecting laundry.

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