Mediscan detection capabilities?

What items will the Mediscan detect?

The Mediscan Loss Prevention Unit is designed to detect metal objects that are passed through the scan area. While some clients may use the Mediscan to scan laundry or trash receptacles, others may choose to scan mailbags or small mail parcels for metal contraband. The bottom line is metal detection.

In a hospital environment, a Mediscan can be especially useful in preventing the accidental loss and or disposal of expensive surgical implements. Preserving the life of medical instruments cuts down on the shrinkage of your inventory, thereby improving the bottom line and potentially increasing the budget in other areas of spending.

For some large hospitals, using a Mediscan can mean an annual savings of several hundred thousand dollars in would be lost or discarded instruments. With budgets as tight as they are, it would seem an obvious choice to spend a mere $3500.00 (approximately) to save on average over $250,000 / per year.

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